Awesome cars        

Autoportree is a marketplace for cool enthusiast cars. This can be anything from an old Toyota Crown all the way to a Lamborghini Aventador. If it is interesting, quirky and appreciated by petrolheads it most likely has a place on our site. 

Awesome listings

Informative, transparent and nice to look at. We combine these elements to make a quality listing.

Flexible Sales

Our model aims to provide flexible sales solutions, whether it be the more traditional classifieds type listings or an auction which sells your car on your schedule. 

How to Buy a Car?



  • Register

When you have found a car you like on auction, you need to register. After registering our bidding process works as the following. In order to bid at an auction of your choosing, you have to buy an auction ticket (€5) which will let you participate in the auction. This is to rule out faux bids. Winning bidders also pay a buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid amount

Buyer’s; fees are the following:

Buyer’s fees

€1000 – €4999 – 4%

€5000 – €9999 – 3%

€10000 – €14999 – 2%

€15000 – €24999 – 1.5%

€25000 + 1% – capped at €2500 


  • Do your research

Although we try to make our listings as transparent as possible it is always the buyer’s responsibility to do research on the car before bidding. This way you can make sure it’s the right car for you before you bid


Make sure to have a very thorough look at the listing so you familiarize yourself with the history, known faults, etc.


You can contact the seller through the discussions section of the listing to ask further questions.

Or we can arrange a viewing for the car. 

Make sure your finances are in order before bidding  – make sure you can actually afford the car you are bidding on. If you need a loan get it pre-approved before bidding on the vehicle. 


  • Bid 

In order to bid on a vehicle you have to buy an auction ticket (€5 per auction)

All bids are binding so make sure you only bid if you have the intention of buying the car and you have done your research. 

Bids placed within the last minute of the auction will reset the timer to a minute. 


  • Winning an auction

In order to win the auction you must have the highest bid by the end of it. If the auction has a reserve then your high bid must also exceed the reserve price. If there is no reserve then the highest bidder wins regardless of the bid amount. After winning the auction we will share the sellers contacts and vice versa so you can work out the final details of the transaction. But you are expected to pay for the vehicle in full after the auctions close. We will also send you an invoice for the buyer’s fee which must be paid within seven working days of the auction’s close. 

How to sell a car?

  • Submit your car for free  

Submit your car after registering through the sell your car tab.  We ask for a few key details such as your license plate or vin number, make and model, condition, mileage, a few pictures and a brief description. After submitting we will view your car and let you know whether we will list it on our platform or not.


  • Creating a listing

After we have accepted your car you can choose the type of listing you want and if you want any additional services such as car photography. Then you pay the listing fee

€20 FREE regular listing (Drive Away)

€25 COMING SOON reserve free auction listing

€35 COMING SOON reserve auction listing 

We will then ask you for extra information about the car so we can make the listing as detailed and transparent as possible. We also offer a high quality automotive photography package. It is not mandatory to take pictures with us, however it is highly recommended to get photos done by a professional. 



Drive Away  

Listing a car in the Drive Away section you get to enjoy the same high quality listings as you would in an auction scenario. And unlike some of our competitors your listing will be kept for as long as you wish. If you wish to make a quicker sale which can come with an auction you can also move your car to an auction from the Drive Away section. 

To do this we just add the difference 

  • +€5 for a reserve free auction COMING SOON
  • +€20 for a reserve auction COMING SOON



  • Scheduling the auction

We work with your schedule to arrange the auction at a suitable time for you. Before the start of the auction the car will be listed in the upcoming auctions tab. The auction will run for 7 days although the exact end time may vary since last minute bids will reset the timer back to 60seconds. 

  • Partake in the auction

The car is listed, the auction is on. Exciting times! Make sure to partake in the discussions section of the auction. Engagement with potential buyers is essential for the success of the auction. So respond to questions. We may contact you in regards to test drives and viewings of the car from interested parties throughout and before the auction.

  • End of auction

At the end of the auction we will give you the details of the auction winner and vice versa. So you can finalize the transaction.

If you had a reserve auction and the reserve was not met we will try to organize a deal between you and the highest bidder. If that does not work out we will list your car to sell at reserve price in our Drive Away section.



The Drive Away section works like a normal car listing. In order to purchase the car you have to contact the owner through the details provided and set up a deal. 

In order to bid you have to register with Autoportree which you can do through the sign in button on the top right of the homepage. Alternatively you can click on the bid button on a listing of your choosing which will take you to a sign in / register page. After signing in and registering you can place a bid on the car. Each auction has a one time €5 ticket which we take to make sure that the bidding is done in earnest.

We take an auction fee from the buyers which depends on the price bracket the car sells at. It starts at 4% for lower priced cars and drops to 1% capped at €2500 on higher priced vehicles. 

We charge a non refundable auction fee from buyers to create a financial commitment towards the auction. This is to mitigate faux bets and to make sure that the auction result will be carried through

Minimum bid €100 to start the auction

€50 increments up to €4999

€100 increments from €5000 up to €9999

€250 increments from €10 000 up to €49999

€500 increments from €50 000 and above

Autoportree uses the Euro as its currency.

Yes, however all payments at the auctions close have to be delivered promptly just like other buyers. Please make sure you research the logistics of getting the car to you and registering it in your country before you take part in the auction. All legal fees, import duties, logistics costs etc will be the buyer’s responsibility.

You can contact the seller with questions about the car on the discussions section of the listing.

Autoportree does not utilize proxy bidding, if you are outbid you have to enter your next bid manually. 

If a car does not have a reserve price you will see a no reserve label on the listing. However if the car does have a reserve on it we do not disclose it. We also ask the buyers not to enquire about the reserve pricing during the auction. You will find out if the reserve is met when the car sells at the auctions close.

If you are the highest bidder on a car that did not meet it’s reserve we attempt to work out a deal between the buyer and the seller. If a deal is made we will also drop the buyer’s fee by half.

After the completion of the auction we will send the buyer an invoice for the auction fee which will have to be paid in full within 7 business days. This can be done via bank link or PayPal.

 For the car, both the buyer and seller are given each other’s contacts to finalize the transaction. 

The information provided in the listing is often enough to get a pre approval for a loan. However, do check with your bank about their terms for a vehicle loan. If you need more information we will help you reach out to the seller. 

BARE IN MIND that the time to get approved for a loan is before bidding on the vehicle.

Autoportree does not provide transport for the purchased vehicle, that responsibility lies with the buyer. Luckily if you are within  Estonia then getting around is fairly easy. If you are abroad then getting a one way flight ticket  or a ferry and road tripping the car back is an option. Besides what better way to get to know your new car than to go on a Grand Tour. 

If you need to use a transportation company to deliver the car to you. Check the quotes for pricing before you bid. 

We recommend using a direct wire transfer, however, there are a lot of options. We recommend contacting the seller as soon as possible and setting out a timeline and steps for the payment to make sure that both of you are comfortable with how the payment will work. 

The main rule – Don’t be a dick! We want Autoportree to be a friendly environment as it is only fair for the buyers and sellers. So follow common sense. The conversation should revolve around the car in question and stay off irrelevant topics. But just to make it crystal clear the behaviour which we do not accept is listed below. 

  • Foul language
  • Personal attacks
  • Sharing your personal contact information
  • Spamming
  • Asking the seller about reserve pricing
  • Calling out the price you think the car will sell for
  • Advertising your personal business, website, social media etc
  • Side-tracking from the vehicle on sale by bringing up other vehicles or topics
  • Sharing links to inappropriate content
  • Sharing links to other vehicle for sale ads

No – cars listed on Autoportree can only be sold through the auction. If a buyer or a seller attempts to make a deal to undermine the auction this will result in a permanent ban from the site. Instead if you want to buy a car, bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay as this will be the most certain way of ending up with the car you want. 


Our listing fee for the Drive Away section is €20. This will provide you with a crafted listing on the site. Auctions for cars without reserve are €25 and for cars with reserve the fee is €35. We also offer magazine grade car photography for €99.99.

Sellers do not pay an auction fee.

No! Submitting a car is absolutely free.

We look for what we call “enthusiast” cars. Our definition of enthusiasts’ cars ranges from the obvious high end performance cars to sports cars such as the Mazda MX5 or Porsche Boxster, classics such as the Jaguar XJS or  Saab 99 Turbo to young-timers such as the Ford Escort RS Turbo or a Lexus LS400 all the way to weird fun cars such as a Suzuki Jimny or a Daihatsu Copen.   All cars are varied, and there is a range of factors we look at from the engine, condition and mileage even to its colour. So to be sure just send it in! We like looking at cars and it’s free. Even if the car does not get accepted, we’ll try to give you some feedback on the best way to sell your pride and joy. 

Yes, we accept modified cars. Just make sure you provide us with an accurate list of modifications and whether the car is road legal or not.

You do not, however, it is highly recommended that you have a professional take photos of your car since quality pictures guarantee a higher sale price. Furthermore if the pictures are below a certain quality we will not be able to list your car on the site. 

Absolutely, we encourage you to do a walkaround video of the car and show the engine running. We will provide you with a specific guide when we reach out to you for more information. 

Getting a promo boost showcases your car on the front page and it will be showcased at the top of the upcoming auctions page. 

If you tick the option, we have the possibility to advertise your car in the top automotive web platform and magazine in Estonia. This will mean writing a story about your car which will get published in these outlets in front of their thousands of subscribers. 

There is also an option for extra social media marketing utilizing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you have us take the photography set for the listing we can also promote your car through the social media of the top Estonian automotive photographers. 

Currently we only focus on cars within Estonia, we may look at cars in the Baltics and Scandinavia in the future so do check back. 

Use the contact form under the Sell a Car tab. This will ask you for your contact information as well as important information about the car such as make, model, year, condition, your license plate (if the car is not registered your VIN number). You should also upload some pictures of the car and you can write a brief description (engine, gearbox etc). If we accept your car we’ll get back to you with a more detailed set of questions so we can create an accurate listing and you’ll pay the listing fee. 

After you have provided us with all the details we need to create a quality listing, our team will write the description based on the information provided. Don’t worry, we work with you throughout the process in order to create the most accurate and transparent listing possible and nothing will get posted without your approval. 

We are flexible, so we work with your schedule to find the best suitable time to start the auction. Before the start of the auction your car will be in the upcoming auctions tab where interested parties can familiarize themselves with the vehicle. 

Our auctions last for 7 days, however the exact length can fluctuate. This is because within the last minute of the auction each bid will reset the clock to one minute remaining. The auction will end after no more bids come through within the one minute window. 

You’ll be in touch with us throughout the duration of the auction. If you want to clarify something or add additional information you can let us know and we can make the change. You can also answer questions and add information on the discussions page yourself. 

A reserve price is the minimum price you are willing to sell the car for. If this price is not met then the car will not be sold. This price is unknown to buyers during the auction. 

A no reserve price auction means that the car will sell for the highest bid.

If you choose a reserve auction we will ask you for a reserve price. We may ask you to lower the price before we are willing to put it up for auction. If you don’t wish to lower it, no bad blood, that’s completely fine and you are welcome to sell the car somewhere else. 

If you choose a no reserve auction our listing fee drops from €35 to €25.

If you want to lower your reserve during the auction please do let us know and we will make the change. The reserve price can only be lowered not raised. 

Always keep your reserve price to yourself. Never disclose your reserve price in any of the forums. Revealing the reserve price will most definitely slow down the auction and result in a lower sale price. 

No – cars listed on auction can only be sold through Autoportree. If a buyer or seller attempts to make a deal to undermine the auction this will result in a permanent ban from the site and a penalty fee for the seller. 

If your reserve isn’t met we’ll first try to work out a deal between you and the highest bidder. If that doesn’t work out your car will be listed on the Drive Away section for direct sales with the reserve price. 

After the auction is over the completion of the transaction is between the buyer and seller. We will give out your contact information to the buyer and vice versa and you can work out the details of the transaction via email or telephone. 

Make sure you gather up all the documentation you have on the car – service history, documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle, registration certificate and other necessary legal documents. Unless you have a cool off roader and you want a picture of it hooning around in the mud, pictures of dirty cars do not sell. Clean the car both on the inside and out and if possible under the bonnet. A clean car makes for a much nicer listing!  Also, if possible, getting a fresh TÜV (roadworthiness test) will help with the sale. 

There are a couple of reasonable rules when it comes to listing your car on other platforms.

  • If you list your car on the Drive Away section you may list the car on other platforms, however you shouldn’t use our listing format or text. You may of course use the pictures you have provided or purchased from us.
  • If your car is on auction you may only list the car on other platforms in order to promote the auction on Autoportree. No outside deals should be done and doing so will result in a penalty fee as well as getting banned from using our services. We do this to provide a fair and safe auction environment for our bidders.

Any questions we didn’t answer here? 

Feel free to email us at info@autoportree.eu